Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This week has gotten off to a great start! No school on Monday and science experiements today! What is NOT to love?
Yesterday was Parent/Teacher Conference Day. (Better known as report card day) We had quite a few parents show up and I got to proudly display my honor roll kids on the Mardi Gras wall I created. We titled it, "Let the Good Grades Roll" and I am super proud of it. It is very simple, but so much fun. I wish I could describe the look on my students faces when they walked in and saw their names posted on the little masks. :) It really made my day!
The Green Masks were our students who made All A's and the Gold Masks were for the students who made A/B Honor Roll
Today was Chemical Reaction Day in my classroom and after introducing them and the kids actually getting through 3 pages of notes, we were able to conduct an experiment using water/vinegar/baking soda/a balloon/and a coke bottle. We caused a chemical reaction by pouring water and vinegar into the bottom of the coke bottle and then putting the baking soda into the balloon (this is a little tricky) and putting the balloon on top of the bottle. Once you do that, you can pour the baking soda into the vinegar and watch the fizzing begin.
The goal of the lesson was to get the kids to tell my what by-product was created as waste from the chemical reaction. They had to tell me what kind of gas filled up the balloon and I was amazed that they all got Carbon Dioxide (aka CO2) as their answers. I figured it would be a little more tricky than that.
Tomorrow we are playing with dry ice and I can't wait to see their faces when I freeze an eraser and then smash it with a hammer and it shatter everywhere. :D Oh the joys of what I do! But Friday is going to be the kicker. We will be playing with Mentos and Diet Coke.
On a different note...I'm down 7lbs total since the 1st of the year! :D I've been eating healthy AND working out twice a day. I'm down to one diet coke a day and I'm managing to drink 8 glasses, if not more, of water a day! I'd love to get back into the clothes I had on in the pic below. I was a size 16...I'd love to be there again! :)
I have downloaded an app called MyFitnessPal onto my Kindle and Phone. It's basically a way to track everything you eat and all of your exercise and shows you how many calories you have eaten and how many you gain back by working out. It also tells you how long it will take you to reach your weight loss goal if you stick to your eating plan :) If you have the app, add me! I'm janak2004 and my friend Paige is paigepiitman86. We will be more than happy to add you. If you want to find it online the web address is www.myfitnesspal.com
I hope everyone has a GREAT week and I'll keep you updated! :D Until then, this is Jana off to find another adventure...


Brittany E. said...

That sounds like fun, I never was a big fan of science, but that sounds fun. Love the pic, we were so young then :) I Love you!


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