Monday, January 16, 2012

Marvelous Monday Update

So my students and I finally got to play with our dry ice on Thursday! :D I was so so excited I could hardly contain myself! I think I had more fun with the activities than they did. Below are just a few pictures of the experiments we conducted. I am so glad they had fun while learning. That's the best feeling in the world.
We blew soap bubbles with dry ice by taking a string covered in soap and running it along the top of the container after we dropped the dry ice in. It caused a really cool effect.
We then decided it would be cool to see if we could blow up a balloon with the dry ice. It too worked! :D
My kids loved touching the "smoke" because it was super cold. (I had them tell me it was frozen water vapor, just like when it's cold outside and you can see your breath)
This one was really going.
This was taken in my friends classroom. I figured I'd add it because it was the same project.
On Friday we did Diet Coke and Mentos geysers. That was SOOOOOOO much fun too! We discussed how the geyser is created when the mentos drop in and suck out all of the CO2 from the coke. They thought it was pretty neat and so did I! :D
This was one of the many geysers that we created. It was FREEZING cold outside, but the kids LOVED it! :D
My weekend was pretty good too. I spent Friday night with my friend Kelly on a "friend date". She and I haven't been out together in so long. We ended up going to Newks and visiting for almost 4hrs. Her parents came into town and stopped by to eat with us. It was hilarious! Her family are dolls for sure.
On Saturday, we took it kind of easy. Austin had to work and so I hung out around the house and cleaned up a bit. When I went to wash clothes I almost cried because my dryer has given out on me finally. I'm thinking we are going to sell it for scrap and I'm going to work on getting another one. My friend Paige is great and has offered to let me use hers one day a week. I'm just going to wash it all here and take it over there. Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have a new one.
On Sunday we did some Mardi Gras shopping for our upcoming ball and I worked on getting my ball gown cleaned. The dry cleaners would not clean it (even though it is dry clean only) because it has a broach on it. That kind of perplexed me, but I went out and bought some dryel with the hopes of getting it clean myself. I almost cried when I pulled it out of the bag to see that it had these huge stains on it from the chemicals! It looked like it was super wet! I have never had a dress do that before. Seeing as how this is my favorite ball gown, I knew I had to act fast. I opted to throw it into the washer on the "handwash" cycle and see how it would come out. Much to my amazement, it came out clean and no stains were to be seen. From now on, I'll save my money and just do it at home myself.
Today we are out of school and I have opted to being extremely lazy. It is 3:45pm and I have not left my bed with the exception to go to the restroom and grab some lunch around 2pm. Sometimes it just feels good to lay around.
For those of you wondering, I have lost a grand total of 9lbs! :D I started at 282 and am down to 273. My goal by the ball in two weeks is to be at least down a total of 15lbs. I'm going to keep working out and eating right and we'll see what happens. This is week 3 of my body makeover and I'm already feeling better about myself. I get to measure on Friday and I'm already excited that I'm seeing results from Week 1 to now. Can't wait to update again! Until, this is Jana off to find another adventure...


Brittany E. said...

Congrats on the weight loss you are doing well :) Love you.


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